Add Beauty to Your Property With Small Details

Choose a custom crown molding installation for your home in Thorn Hill, Morristown & Knoxville, TN

Is the inside of your home dull and devoid of character? It's time to change your space for the better. The experts at Brogan Construction can perform a new crown molding installation throughout your home. We'll choose a classy product that will elevate the look of your home from basic to beautiful.

Our skilled team can create a variety of custom products, including:

  • Baseboards
  • Crown molding
  • Fireplace mantle
  • Bookshelves
Let's get started on your crown molding installation in Thorn Hill, Morristown & Knoxville, TN right away. Get in touch with the team at Brogan Construction to start adding interior detail work to your home.

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We also create custom cabinetry

Another beautiful accent you can add to your home is custom cabinetry. Rather than buying and installing cabinets that are already cut to size, custom cabinetry is cut and fitted to your specific room and into any layout you choose. Our crew can design and install cabinets that will set your home apart.

Our design team is waiting to create your new kitchen. Make an appointment to design your custom cabinetry in Thorn Hill, Morristown & Knoxville, TN today by calling 865-850-2693.