It's Time to Expand Your Home

Explore your options for home additions in the Thorn Hill, Morristown & Knoxville, TN area

Is your home too small for your family? Do you feel like you're tripping over people and furniture every day? It's time to stop rearranging your belongings and start making your home larger. Brogan Construction specializes in home additions in Thorn Hill, Morristown & Knoxville, TN.

We'll add more space to your home by:

  • Adding a new room to your home
  • Making a room larger
  • Building a garage
  • Building a sunroom deck or porch
Speak with a contractor about your ideas as soon as possible. We'll gladly give you a free estimate on a home addition or new garage construction project.

home additions

How can you expand your home?

Home additions are major projects, but they can give you a big payoff in the end. You'll have room to spread out, and you'll even increase the value of your home. The crew at Brogan Construction can help you choose the right project for your property.

Discuss your ideas with our construction experts. We can help you navigate new garage construction and other home additions in Thorn Hill, Morristown & Knoxville, TN.